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3 Questions to Ask Your Top Performers

What would your top performers say about your workplace? What would they say about its strengths, its weaknesses, what makes them stay, and what makes them think about leaving? How would they describe the ways in which your organization has … Continue reading

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The Plague of Appreciation

Does your workplace suffer from the plague of appreciation – recognition programs that don’t work,  supervisors and managers that don’t use them, the absence of the word “thank you,” rewards applied inconsistently, perceptions of unfairness or favoritism, and/or leaders that … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Combat Spring Fever in the Workplace

Its springtime in Northeast Ohio and that probably means that if your employees aren’t on spring break, they are probably fighting the inevitable spring fever that manifests itself in workplaces each year which may brighten our spirits, but is also … Continue reading

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ERC – Where Green Workplaces Start

ERC recognizes the importance of implementing environmentally-friendly and sustainable workplace practices. We’re continually trying to decrease our footprint by using more efficient processes in the Workplace Center and within our office. The result of these practices is often decreased expenses … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Lessons of H1N1 on Our Businesses

An article published by BusinessWeek (2009) this past week suggests that the recent H1N1 flu outbreak may teach us more than one thing about our businesses and may even improve our workplaces. It’s an intriguing concept – H1N1 can help … Continue reading

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The Keys to Creating an Innovative Organization

Innovation. It’s an important characteristic of our NorthCoast 99 winning workplaces, helping them create a leading edge in their workplaces and products or services.  These winning workplaces have mastered creating cultures that facilitate employee creativity and idea generation.  Numerous studies … Continue reading

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What Bloggers Say About Social Media in the Workplace

“Social media has entered the workplace,” writes Christopher Lynn in Media Bullseye magazine. By now, most of us have seen some form of this – blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. We might not use them everyday, in fact, we might not … Continue reading

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