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4 Legal and Employee Issues to Consider for Holiday Functions

The upcoming Halloween holiday (and other emerging holidays) brings to light a few critical legal and employee concerns that every HR professional needs to be aware of for their organizations. What may appear to be innocent office decorations, attire, conversations, … Continue reading

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“Crafting” the Jobs We Have into the Jobs We Want

Want to change the jobs your employees have into the jobs they want? Try a new concept called job crafting – an easy way for your employees to create the jobs they want from the jobs they already have. The best part … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Employee Anniversary Gift

It’s one of your top performer’s anniversaries with your organization. Perhaps you’ll be giving them a plaque, certificate, card, or even gift in recognition of their tenure and contributions with your organization.  A thank you may follow or possibly a … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Lessons of H1N1 on Our Businesses

An article published by BusinessWeek (2009) this past week suggests that the recent H1N1 flu outbreak may teach us more than one thing about our businesses and may even improve our workplaces. It’s an intriguing concept – H1N1 can help … Continue reading

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Can’t Find the Right Fit? How Using Employee Testimonials May Help

A new study released by the American Psychological Association this fall shows that job applicants are more attracted to organizations when their websites include employee testimonials.  The study appears to suggest that employee testimonials may be an important method of … Continue reading

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Want to Reward Your Employees? Change Their Job Title…

Looking for a way to reward your valued employees? Consider changing their job title. A new study by Pearl Meyer & Partners shows that employers can use job titles to retain and reward high performing employees. The study suggests that … Continue reading

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