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Answers to 5 Common Questions about 2010-2011 Compensation

Your boss approaches you and asks what you are planning for in terms of salary administration in 2011. You’re responsible for maintaining competitive pay rates, rewarding your best people, but also meeting your organization’s budget limits and managing your employees’ … Continue reading

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A 4 Step Guide to 2011 Salary Budgeting

It’s time for 2011 salary budgeting and surveys say that increases are being planned by many organizations for the upcoming year. So how much should you plan to provide? Should you pay top performers more than the average increase? How … Continue reading

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3 Questions to Ask Your Top Performers

What would your top performers say about your workplace? What would they say about its strengths, its weaknesses, what makes them stay, and what makes them think about leaving? How would they describe the ways in which your organization has … Continue reading

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4 Strategies for Boosting Pay Satisfaction

Perhaps complaints are looming in your organization regarding base pay, cost of living adjustments, or merit increases. We’ve all experienced these common pay complaints and possibly more often as of lately as pay satisfaction is a key issue this year … Continue reading

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Compensation Practices: Signals of Your Organization’s Climate & Culture

Organizations may fail to consider the impact of their compensation practices on their employees’ perceptions of organizational climate and culture. In light of recent research suggesting that compensation practices employed by organizations last year in response to the economy have … Continue reading

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20 Practices That Distinguish the Best Places to Work

What does it take to be one of the best places to work for top talent? This is a common question that many employers ask ERC as they seek to develop workplaces that attract, retain, motivate and engage top performers. … Continue reading

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Beyond the Holiday Party: Gestures of Employee Appreciation This Holiday Season

The gesture of a holiday party is usually the primary way employers show appreciation and thanks to employees around this time of year, but recent studies, including one conducted by ERC (09 Holidays & Festivities Survey) show that some employers … Continue reading

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