What To Do About Health Benefits…

What are workplaces doing about health care benefits these days?  This is a common question many organizations are asking ERC, in light of the new rules and regulations stemming from health care reform that are beginning to take effect.  Research appears to indicate that it’s business as usual for employers…

According to a new poll by SHRM, 46% of organizations have indicated that they will not be eliminating health care coverage for employees as a result of health care reform. Employers cited that their decision to continue to offer health care coverage to employees is primarily due to needing to maintain competitiveness in recruiting and retaining employees. The poll shows that employers feel that continuing to offer health care benefits is crucial to the attraction and retention of talent.  Great workplaces that want to continue to attract and retain the best are continuing to provide competitive health care benefits and investing in the health and wellness of their people – regardless of where health reform leads their organizations. 

ERC’s research suggests that when employees believe that the organization cares about their health and wellness and shows concern for their wellbeing, they tend to be more engaged. The research appears to indicate that health and wellness is as crucial to engagement as other workplace initiatives such as development and rewards. Workplace health has become extremely multi-dimensional and is extending beyond simply providing the traditional 80/20 health plan.  Organizations are realizing that healthy employees will help them buid a better business. As such they are…

  • Continuing to provide health care benefits
  • Continuing to analyze their benefits and health care package and make enhancements to stay competitive
  • Extending health care benefits to part-time employees
  • Creating wellness initiatives including nutrition education, fitness programs, and workplace challenges
  • Offering incentives for participating in wellness programs (lower premium, prizes, etc.)
  • Providing competitive and adequate amounts of paid time off and family or medical leave
  • Offering flexible work arrangements

So while health care reform continues to change how we administer health care benefits in our organizations, great workplaces will continue to remember the importance of investing in employees’ health and wellness.

Additional Resources

  • HR Help Desk (members only) – For  answers to all of your most pressing benefits and health care reform questions, please contact hrhelp@ercnet.org.
  • Surveys – To benchmark how other Northeast Ohio organizations are dealing with the new health care reform rules surrounding grandfathered plans, extended dependent care coverage, retiree reinsurance, and breaks for nursing mothers, please click here to take our short survey. 
  • ERC Health – To learn more about ERC Health, a healthier idea in health insurance which has saved organizations over $34.5 million in health care costs, please visit www.erchealth.com.
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2 Responses to What To Do About Health Benefits…

  1. Free health care should be a focus down in the states, like OHIP in Canada!

  2. atacrew.com says:

    Many people say that the future beyond our control that may be true, but we can also make a little effort on the safety of our future, equipment for your self, what can or can not occur, is not a crime, or what? So, on the right track to ensure our future, come into our power, we need to think about insurance.

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