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7 Tips for Creating A Great Place to Launch a Career

Congrats to our city of Cleveland, which was recently named as one of the best places for college grads by Bloomberg Businessweek. According to ClevelandPlus, the city ranks 17, up 11 spots from 2009, suggesting that the area is making headway in … Continue reading

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What To Do About Health Benefits…

What are workplaces doing about health care benefits these days? This is a common question many organizations are asking ERC, in light of the new rules and regulations stemming from health care reform that are beginning to take effect. Research appears to indicate that it’s business as usual for employers… Continue reading

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4 Lessons in Attracting Talent

The recent NBA free-agency media frenzy may have prompted some HR and recruiting professionals to think about how we as employers are attracting top talent, especially in Northeast Ohio. Have we well-positioned ourselves to attract the best and brightest talent to further our organizational goals and build a winning organization? Continue reading

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“Crafting” the Jobs We Have into the Jobs We Want

Want to change the jobs your employees have into the jobs they want? Try a new concept called job crafting – an easy way for your employees to create the jobs they want from the jobs they already have. The best part … Continue reading

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