Executing Top Performance – Tips for Your Supervisors

By now, end-of-year performance reviews have been conducted and most of your employees have probably developed new performance objectives. From now until the next performance review process, it’s all about performance execution – and the critical parties in this process are your employees and their supervisors. Training your supervisors will be the key to executing top performance and ensuring that those performance objectives are being met throughout the year.

We’ve compiled a few general tips/guidelines for your supervisors in executing top performance from your employees:

  • Observe and document performance on a daily basis. Keep track of examples of both good and poor performance
  • Update and revise initial objectives, standards, and accountabilities as the year progresses
  • Provide regular feedback and coaching on progression towards goals on a regular basis throughout the year
  • Solicit and work to understand the work/life, development, and resource needs of your employees, and work to meet those needs
  • Provide employees with resources and opportunities to participate in development activities.
  • Encourage and sponsor participation in training, classes, and special assignments that enhance the employees’ abilities to perform their job
  • Let employees know that their outstanding performance is noticed by reinforcing effective behaviors and progress toward goals
  • Provide constructive, targeted feedback regarding negative performance and directions on how to remedy any observed problems

It should be noted, however, that all of these behaviors require a solid foundation in management and interpersonal skills – including communication, managing conflict, leading and working with teams, and navigating the legal landscape of employment. The bigger question may be: are your supervisors equipped with the foundation for executing top performance this year? If not, it may be time for some training.

ERC’s Supervisory Series I specifically focuses on execution and results. Over the program’s series, participants implement the skills, tools and templates that are required for success: their own and their team’s. To register your employees for this course, please click here.

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