Want to Reward Your Employees? Change Their Job Title…

Want to Reward Your Employees? Change Their Job Title...

Looking for a way to reward your valued employees? Consider changing their job title.

A new study by Pearl Meyer & Partners shows that employers can use job titles to retain and reward high performing employees. The study suggests that many employers title jobs with great flexibility and allow for alternative job names. For instance, many employers assign titles of Manager, Director, and Vice President to not just employees with supervisory responsibilities – but also those that have significant responsibilities in the organization and are individual contributors. In this way, employers can reward non-supervisory or non-managerial employees. For examples of job titles, visit

Why are job titles important in rewarding and motivating employees? They hold significant value for several reasons. First, they define a job and an employee’s area of responsibility. In the survey, almost three-quarters of organizations found job titles to be important and believed that they conveyed authority and responsibility.  Second, they establish the company ladder.  Being labeled as someone of a higher level in the company is distinguishing, allowing for greater access and recognition. In addition, job titles have emotions and expectations attached as individuals have a need to feel intelligent, influential, and important. Finally, they can empower employees to expand their responsibilities in the organization, and may even prompt positive behaviors such as taking more initiative or displaying greater leadership. For all of these reasons, enhancing job titles can be extremely motivating to employees.

An important additional reward component of enhancing job titles is the way in which the change is communicated. Creating a formal announcement organization-wide or within a specific department allows for public recognition of the employee. Other ways organizations could communicate this change is on their website or within a newsletter.


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9 Responses to Want to Reward Your Employees? Change Their Job Title…

  1. It is so true that employees attach an emotional weight to the job title that they are given.
    A job title is also a great way to define yourself when searching for the next great job.
    If you’ve already been a VP of marketing, chances are when you apply to a job where they are looking for a VP of Marketing you’ll be on the short list of candidates.
    Very informative article.
    Karen Schindler

  2. Nazir says:

    I just got this artical from a friend and not only found it interesting but also very powerful reasons for companies to reward their employees with different ways specially in difficult circumstances as now.

    It is really true that a persons emotions and feelings are so attached to the job title which affects one’s productivity and motivation.

    Thank you
    Nazir Nooristani

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  6. Liam Dalriada says:

    I work for a large company that makes billions of dollars in sales each year, and the major stockholders of the company are numbered in the 500 richest Americans, but employees are paid so little that there’s a special department in HR to counsel employees how to apply for food stamps and Medicaid. Company policy restricts its “associates” to 29 hours a week so we don’t qualify legally as “fulltime.”

    My boss must have read your article because when I went to him and asked for more hours of work so I could earn more to better support my family, he said the company didn’t allow him to give me more hours (even though we’re always short-staffed), but he did promote my title. I’m now Sub-Regional District Assistant Associate Co-Manager of Customer Relations! He even gave me a button that I can wear when I welcome Guests to our store.

    My kids are going to be so excited on Christmas morning when they open their presents (one for each) and find replicas of that very button! (I’m afraid Christmas dinner will have to be Hamburger Helper again, but this year, I’ve saved enough to actually buy some hamburger to go with it).

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