Enhance HR Effectiveness with Social Media

Social media tools and applications present a new and cost-effective opportunity for HR to use technology to further new developments and create an even better workplace – for organizations of all sizes. The possibilities are virtually endless and can be applied to a variety of HR applications.  Here are some ways your HR department can use social media:

Recruiting.  This is the most obvious way to use social media.  Job applicants are using social media, so recruiters must connect with these individuals. Capitalize on social media tools to attract applicants through marketing, posting jobs, and networking.  Your organization could also host a job fair on Second Life, create in-house videos highlighting your organization’s culture and post-them on You-Tube, or set up a blog that details what working at the organization is like. In addition, consider creating an alumni social network to stay in touch with employees that have left the organization.

On-boarding. Use social media to on-board new employees. Create a blog for employees to ask questions during their first weeks of employment. Invite new employees to social networking groups prior to their arrival so they can start becoming engaged in the organization.  Create a group on LinkedIn or Facebook for the new hires in your organization and post relevant information and communications.  

Training. Create a blog for employees to share learning experiences they acquire through training, formal coursework, or simply on-the-job.  Use social media as a way to engage employees in transferring their learning to the job by discussing obstacles, sharing knowledge, and discussing best practices.  Create a network of knowledge using your in-house subject matter experts. Facebook even has a teaching application, if your organization wishes to conduct short in-house training sessions.

Career development.  No fancy learning management system required.  Use social media to showcase internal career opportunities or get a gauge of employee career interests, background, knowledge, and skills by using social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn to log this information.  Encourage employees to build career profiles to capture this information. 

Employee communication.  Use social media to revitalize your organization’s communication practices.  Social media can be a great employee communication tool to post news, solicit suggestions, publicly recognize employee accomplishments, or display other noteworthy communications.  In addition, allow employees to form networks or groups within the organization.  There are even some applications that allow for an intranet-like experience – without the high cost of purchasing such an application.  


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One Response to Enhance HR Effectiveness with Social Media

  1. mdan says:

    What ever happened to just plain talking to people in person?? We are forgetting how great that is.

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