An HR Certification Update: Facts and Figures

HRCI Update

The HR Certification Institute describes HR Certification as “a voluntary action by a professional group to establish a system to grant recognition to professionals who have met a stated level of training and work experience.” Essentially it certifies your knowledge gained from experience working in the HR field, HR practices, policies and procedures. But how many people are certified? And should you be?

HRCI Certification Statistics

Here are some interesting stats from

Total Certified Professionals as of March 17, 2009 (National)
Total Number of Certified Professionals: 100,607

PHR: 56,332
SPHR: 42,488
GPHR: 790

Total Certified Professionals as of March 17, 2009 (Ohio)
Total Number of Certified Professionals: 4,485

PHR: 2,468
SPHR: 1,982
GPHR: 12

The Benefits of HR Certification

The benefits of receiving HR Certification, according to, include:
  • Increase your professional confidence because you have validated that you know and can apply the core HR practices.
  • Set you apart from your peers when applying for new professional opportunities.
  • Result in greater respect from the organization in which you work.

The following Slideshare presentation will provide some more information about the benefits of HR Ceritification:

New Eligibility to Take Place 2011

It’s important to note some eligibility changes that will be taking place in the next couple years. Why are the requirements changing? According to HRCI, “Based on recommendations from over 14,000 HR professionals, certificants, business leaders, students and academicians the HR Certification Institute’s exam eligibility requirements are changing to reflect the needs and requirements of the HR profession.” To read all about the changes, click here.

Survey – Do You Have HR Certification?

We’re collecting information on local HR professionals to get a better idea of what percentage in Northeast Ohio have these designations. To participate, click here.

HR Certified Programs at ERC

ERC is proud to announce that it has recently been approved for Strategic Management certification. The Strategic Management domain of the PHR/SPHR Body of Knowledge encompasses those HR responsibilities that fall OUTSIDE of the traditional human resources function.

For more information on ERC Training & Events, visit

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