Thanks Ohio, for Paying Us to Train Our Employees!

Thanks Ohio

Hundreds of organizations have shared this sentiment over the past couple years with the assistance of the Ohio Investment in Training Program (OITP). The program provides grants to Ohio organizations to support training for employees of new and expanding businesses. These grants support up to 50% of instructional costs, materials, and training-related activities.

According to a recent Ohio Department of Development report, “This program is one of the few programs in Ohio that provides direct financial support to employers for training. The flexibility of the OITP allows employers the ability to choose the training provider, whether it is a company employee, an Ohio educational facility, or a training vendor.”

Why is employee training important in a down economy?

The HR Resource blog wrote, “When the economy comes back – and it always does – your organization will have an edge over its competition whose skills and abilities have not improved at the rate your organization’s team members’ have.” “Many employers are using this downtime as an opportunity to ensure that their employee population sharpens its skills and knowledge through enhanced employee training and development programs, programs that are difficult to administer during periods of higher customer activity,” according to a recent ERC press release.

Where do I sign up?

For more information on the Ohio Investment in Training Program or to apply for training assistance, visit the Ohio Workforce Guarantee Request For Assistance page. For more information you can also contact your local Workforce and Talent Division.

Where can I go for more information?

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