What are business executives’ top three concerns?

Media research firm Ipsos Mendelsohn recently surveyed the concerns of senior business executives in the U.S. And the winner is?… “volatile markets/managing economic uncertainty.” No surprise there. The number two response: “price of fuel/other raw materials.” Once again, no real surprise. The number three answer, however, might surprise you…

38% of respondents polled said that “attracting and keeping top talent” was their top concern. In 2007, Deloitte published a survey of technology CEO’s that revealed similar results. According to the report, “attracting and retaining top talent has become the leading operational challenge for North American technology CEOs.”

Due to the competitiveness for top talent, Deloitte reported that CEO’s were “engaging and using incentives to attract talent like never before.” These incentives included, among other things, stock plans or financial ownership/interest in the company, non-monetary incentives like flexible work schedules, and training and development programs.

Sources: “Attracting and retaining top talent is leading operational challenge for tech CEOs,” Deloitte, May 2007; “Study Reveals Habits of Top Executives,” B-to-B Magazine, November 10, 2008.

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