How to Brand Your Organization as a Great Workplace

As an HR professional you probably don’t have any effect on your organization’s brand, right? Wrong. The employment brand of an organization is a large part of its image, and it can strongly influence your recruiting efforts and employee engagement. According to College Recruiter, the perception of a company can drastically affect a company’s ability to attract and retain top-quality talent.

What is employment brand?

Your employment brand is the perception of your organization to your current employees and your external market (job candidates, clients, potential customers, etc.). Having a good employment brand can help you attract and retain top talent, reduce employee turnover, and enhance your organization’s brand.

How to brand a Great Workplace

One of the advantages of winning a NorthCoast 99 Award is the ability to brand your organization as a Great Workplace. You should be promoting any awards that your company wins, including business lists, awards supported by local magazines and newspapers, etc. If you haven’t been honored yet, start applying! Business awards provide a great opportunity to be recognized!

When job candidates and current employees see your company information, what are they looking for? Here are some key phrases that define a Great Workplace: “work/life balance”; “leadership opportunity”; “recognition”; “challenges and responsibilities”; “job security”. Make sure you’re not only promoting this, but implementing it as well.

Where to promote it…

One of the best ways to brand your organization as a great workplace is to promote it on your website in a prominent place. When candidates research companies they’re interested in, the first place they go is the organization’s website. Here are some great examples of NorthCoast 99 winners’ websites that have prominent “Great Workplace” brands:

Another great way to brand your organization as a Great Workplace is to brand your Career Center. Make sure you have information on the benefits of working for your organization as well as any awards you have won for being a Great Workplace. Keep your Career Center updated with current openings and respond to applicants quickly. Keep job descriptions concise and appealing. Here are some past NorthCoast 99 winners’ Career Centers that have an excellent employment brand:

Building your employment brand and branding your organization as a Great Workplace can be an involved process, but it can certainly add value to your organization. For more information on great workplaces or to apply for the 2008 NorthCoast 99 Award, visit

Sources: College Recruiter, ERC

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