Organizations Providing Gas Relief to Employees

As fuel prices continue to climb, organizations in Northeast Ohio are providing aid to their employees. According to a recent survey released by ERC (Employers Resource Council) on practices organizations are utilizing to provide gas relief to their employees, the most common form of relief offered were gas gift cards. Among the other most common practices were offering flexible scheduling opportunities for employees including compressed work weeks and telecommuting options to decrease time spent commuting. Some organizations are even providing their employees with educational resources on topics such as how to increase gas mileage.

Most Common Forms of Gas Relief Provided by Local Organizations

Among the least used forms of gas relief were increasing wages and salaries, offering incentives to use public transportation, providing cash, rewards, or bonuses towards alternative means of transportation, and organizing formal carpools, though some organizations are using these forms as well.

According to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), rising fuel costs certainly do not help with the retention of employees, particularly talented and skilled employees who commute long distances. Employers, nonetheless, can use gas relief in its many forms as a competitive advantage to assist their employees. Transportation benefits are among the lowest-cost benefits an employer can provide and may lead to significant tax savings in cases of providing mass transit options via pre-tax dollars .

“Employers don’t need to spend a large amount of money to help provide relief to their employees,” says Marty Mordarski, Director of Research and Membership. “Helping employees find a carpool partner within the organization that lives close to them, providing bike storage for employees, offering information on how to increase gas mileage, or instituting a compressed work-week option to eliminate at least one day of commuting are just a few inexpensive ways employers can help employees cope with rising fuel costs.”

Source: ERC

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  2. Victoria says:

    I was seriously wondering what this company was offering when I read the title of this article! hehe!

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