Northeast Ohio “In The Green”

Cleveland Business Connects magazine introduced a new section this month called “In The Green” with local information about businesses that are “making it look easy to be green”. According to Cleveland Business Connects’ website, In The Green is a “new department on sustainable business practices.” Here are the highlights from this month’s In The Green section:

(Wind) Power to the People

 A two-year study of winds off downtown Cleveland’s shoreline found that Lake Erie winds are the strongest recorded anywhere in Ohio – good news for city leaders exploring whether Cleveland could be an international hub for offshore windpower. For more information, visit Green Energy Ohio (GEO).

Keeping Our True Colors

“The Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s Center for Regional Sustainability has been officially named the GreenCityBlueLake Institute. Under the direction of David Beach, the Institute has launched a climate project to create a more sustainable future for Northeast Ohio.” For more information, visit GreenCityBlueLake.

The Tribe Makes It Easy To Be Green

“The Cleveland Indians continue to be among the leaders in taking a proactive approach to supporting various environmental initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint at Progressive Field.” In June of 2007, the team installed 42 General Electric solar panels in the upper deck of the ballpark. They recently introduced new vending cups that are made of corn starch and decompose in only 30 days. For more information, visit the Cleveland Indians website.

 Sustaining Sports Facilities

“HOK Sport, the architectural designer of Cleveland Browns Stadium and Progressive Field, has long been known for its tradition of innovation, and nowhere is that more apparent than its industry-leading role in sustainable design of sports facilities…Not only are HOK Sport stadiums respectful to the environment, they also are buildings that sustain the test of time.” For more information visit HOK Sport online.

Source: Cleveland Business Connects, May 2008, “In The Green”

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2 Responses to Northeast Ohio “In The Green”

  1. I enjoyed hearing Jill Buck at the last Amplify Luncheon. Everything we produce has a recycled element. We’re trying to promote the use of recycled products in the construction and landscaping industries. For example, we produce a 100% recycled BRICK CHIPS product which may be used as a wonderful landscape mulch – also for pathways, rooftops and more! Visit or call Diane @ 216-986-7004.

  2. greatworkplace says:

    Thanks Diane, it’s nice to get a comment from a Northeast Ohio-based company.

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