2-month Statistics: Top Posts, Searches, and Referrers

Where Great Workplaces Start has been going strong for the past two months, and now is a great time to share the most popular posts and searches so far. Thank you to all of our readers, supporters, and referrers! If you’d like to receive current HR updates, make sure you subscribe for RSS updates or e-mail updates.

Top Posts

  1. How to Brand Your Organization as a Great Workplace
  2. Internship Program 201: How to Recruit Tomorrow’s Top Talent
  3. 5 Tips for a Green Workplace
  4. Internship Program 101: Building an Effective Internship Program
  5. Talking Politics…at Work?

Top Searches

  1. “great workplace”
  2. “attitude at the workplace”
  3. “hr department trends”
  4. “workplace incentive ideas”
  5. “green workplaces”

Top Referrers

  1. Alltop Career
  2. Bloggy Award
  3. ERE Recruiting Blogosphere
  4. Cool Cleveland
  5. The People Group
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