Job Interview Etiquette in Need of Performance Review

While many job seekers say they’re on time for interviews and well-prepared, hiring managers are painting a different picture. In Vault’s just-released Interview Etiquette Survey, 59% of hiring managers say that job candidates’ manners have deteriorated in recent years.

Vault’s Interview Etiquette Survey of 105 hiring managers and 1647 employees across the country took place in March of this year.

Hiring managers have had to deal with a plethora of bad behavior in interviews, from the 43% who say a candidate has used profanity, to the 19% who say an applicant has brought a child to an interview. Emergency babysitting services are obviously crucial when job hunting.

Some hiring managers (26%) have even seen a job candidate pick up a cell phone call right in the middle of an interview; 68% would disqualify the person immediately for such behavior. The offense most often seen, however, is badly chosen attire; 87% of hiring managers say that interviewees have dressed inappropriately for the occasion.

Other examples of poor interview etiquette employers have seen: bringing lunch and eating it during the conversation, crying, picking one’s nose and showing up drunk.

While job seekers may need to adjust their interview behavior, hiring managers should become aware of their own etiquette shortcomings as well. Many employees (56%) say interviewers have interrupted proceedings to take calls, and 71% say they’ve been rejected for jobs by not ever hearing from the employer after the interview; 11% of hiring managers admit to blowing off candidates rather than sending rejection letters.

To check out Vault’s Job Talk video on the subject, click here.

Source: “Job Interview Etiquette in Need of Performance Review”, April 22, 2008

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