Where Great Links Start #4

It’s time once again for another week of Where Great Links Start. As always, if you have a blog or news article that you think belongs on this list, please let us know!

Gen Y / “Millenials”

This topic is hotter than ever, and there have been some great discussions on this topic:

“Gen Y Work Demands Can Help You Retain Boomers on the Verge of Retirement” on Lisa’s Generation Relations Blog. This is a great post that shows employers how to accomodate all employees based on today’s needs. Her blog is filled with great generational information, but this one is especially great!

“Professional and Personal Communication Across Generations” on the Personal Branding Blog. How many baby boomers are using social networking? How many millenials still prefer face-to-face communication? The results are quite interesting. Find out here…

“Why Y? Working with Gen Y and Surviving” on Where Great Workplaces Start. Shameless plug of the week, but nonetheless, a great article written by ERC training consultant Tony Tomanek.

Just Plain Interesting…

“The World As 100 People” on the CEO blog. Some of you may have seen this before, but for those who haven’t, it’s a very interesting look at the world.

“Social Media Can Drive Employee Engagement” on The Employee Factor. Interesting look from an HR perspective at social media and how employers can use it to keep employees engaged.

And as always, don’t forget to visit some of our “faves”: Alltop, David Zinger’s Employee Engagement, and download Michael Lee Stallard’s free e-book “The Connection Culture”.

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