50 Great Workplace Ideas: NorthCoast 99 Application Deadline Special

For those of you that missed it, in March we had a 5-week series featuring 10 Great Workplace ideas each week – 50 Great Workplace ideas in all! In honor of the 2008 NorthCoast 99 application deadline this week (May 2nd), we are giving you the whole big list! Don’t forget, if you haven’t applied or completed your application yet, this Friday is the deadline! And now the list:

  1. Treat interns like all other employees.
  2. Provide job candidates with an employee handbook, performance expectations and a job description.
  3. Develop a succession plan.
  4. Post job openings to all employees.
  5. Make sure your time-to-hire is as short as possible. Top performers don’t wait!
  6. Identify your organization’s top performers and their positive traits.
  7. Be prepared for an employee’s first day.
  8. Hold all managers accountable for retaining your organization’s top performers.
  9. Track turnover of top performers only.
  10. Annually assess your employees’ training needs.
  11. Include all employees in training and development.
  12. Update job descriptions annually.
  13. Take a look at your performance management system – is it designed to support top performance?
  14. Make bereavement leave open-ended; paid leave for the loss of any loved one.
  15. Coordinate an employee health fair every year. You might save a life.
  16. Provide access to an Employee Assistance Program (a counseling service for employees and their eligible dependents who may be experiencing personal or workplace problems) for all employees.
  17. Develop and communicate a Disaster Recovery and Response Program.
  18. Provide safety training.
  19. Provide flexible work arrangements for your top performers
  20. Provide annual, written employee benefit statements to all your employees.
  21. Use e-mail and fax signatures to promote your great workplace.
  22. Develop and maintain a professional Online Career Center.
  23. Employ at least one intern each year.
  24. Promote your region as a great place to work and live.
  25. Develop a lucrative employee referral program to support your recruitment efforts.
  26. Communicate a written diversity policy/vision to your entire staff.
  27. Over-communicate financial information, business strategy, marketing, and HR initiatives.
  28. Recognize employees for outstanding community service and achievements.
  29. Develop a written organizational compensation philosophy and share it with all employees.
  30. Decide that your organization will only hire and retain top performers.
  31. Pay top talent top pay
  32. Survey top performers on why they came to work for you and why they stay.
  33. Communicate with employees’ significant others about what’s going on at your workplace.
  34. Provide employees with a healthy, safe, clean, and invigorating workplace.
  35. Hire employees that you would trust with your children.
  36. Consider having HR report directly to the CEO.
  37. Share your passion for a great workplace and its benefits with your Board of Trustees.
  38. Annually review your compensation structure for internal equity and external competitiveness.
  39. Have policies for alcohol and drugs, discrimination, harassment, and workplace violence.
  40. Recognize employees who provide “wow” performance.
  41. Eliminate your Probationary Period Policy if you have one.
  42. Making winning the NorthCoast 99 Award an annual corporate goal.
  43. Share your mission statement and vision with all employees.
  44. Ensure that even your top executives receive some sort of training annually.
  45. Brand your organization as a great workplace.
  46. Remember leadership is contagious, so infect someone today!
  47. Recognize and reward employee risk taking.
  48. Have employment policies that support the attraction and retention of top performers.
  49. Don’t forget to celebrate success!
  50. Know what you’re doing. Believe in what you’re doing. Love what you’re doing!

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