Where Great Links Start #2


Each week on Where Great Workplaces Start we’ll explore posts from other blogs that have current, useful information. If you have a blog to share or would like to recommend a news story that our readers should be seeing, please let us know. And now for this week’s links:

Employee Engagement

“Employee Engagement 101: Can Frontline Managers Impact Voluntary Turnover?” on The HR Capitalist. We’ve been talking a lot about Employee Engagement recently on Where Great Workplaces Start, and this is a great addition to that content. Lots of great references to reputable sources, definitely worth a look.

“How to Engage Employees with an Office Retreat” on The Employee Factor. Speaking of employee engagement, here are some great tips for organizing a successful office retreat.

Benefits and Leave

“Family & Medical Leave Act News, Part II – Proposed Revisions to Regulations” on George’s Employment Blawg. This post puts the proposed revisions to the FMLA in perspective – check out the “Key Proposed Changes” section for a great overview.

Social Responsibility

“5 Tips for a Green Workplace” on Where Great Workplaces Start. This has been one of our more popular articles, definitely worth a look. (And yes, this is absolutely a shameless plug)

“Green Workplace Week: Roundup of eco-office tips” on Emerald City. Similar to our 5 tips for a Green Workplace…don’t worry if you don’t live in California, most of these tips work everywhere!

…and just for good measure

Just a reminder to all of our readers, make sure you check out Alltop Careers. This is a great consortium of several HR and career-related blogs all on one page. We’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth mentioning again!

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One Response to Where Great Links Start #2

  1. The Delaware Employment Law Blog advocates against Jerks at Work, promotes employee engagement by encouraging employers to elminiate toxic employees before they infect the rest of the workforce.


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