5 Tips for a Healthier Workplace

Keeping employees healthy should be a priority of any organization, and it can be one of the best ways to reduce your annual health insurance premium. Programs like ERC Health offer several components that help keep employees healthy and happy. So what are some things that you can do to support a healthy workplace and healthier employees?

Promote Prevention

Promote healthy activities that prevent injury and illness before they occur. Some of the things you can do are recommend preventative care exams; promote the use of seat belts; make sure employees keep up to date with vaccinations and immunizations (perhaps you could offer these on-site); educate employees on the risks of smoking and alcohol abuse.

Encourage Behavioral Change

Encourage employees to actively pursue a lifestyle that promotes physical and mental well-being. Activities that are key to a healthy lifestyle include exercise, proper diet, stress recognition and management, and weight management. If you don’t currently have programs to support these measures, pick one and start a program to promote it, or encourage a different behavior each month.

Health Screening

Try offering health screenings at your workplace at no cost – this way you can detect health risks at an early stage and take care of them before they become more serious. Regular screening should include blood pressure measurement, body mass index, cholesterol and glucose levels, and lung spirometry.

Conditional Health Care Awareness

Employee’s that have individual conditions or health problems should receive proper information on the conditions that effect them. Common conditions that require further education include allergies, gastrointestinal problems, headaches, cold and flu, and stress.

Disease Management

The severity and impact of many common medical conditions can be reduced through disease management. More common diseases include diabetes, asthma, migraines, and depression.

Taking steps towards a healthier workplace will not only benefit your employees, but it will benefit the employer in the long run. For more information on setting up a healthier workplace, visit www.erchealth.com.

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