Where Great Links Start #1

Beginning this week, Where Great Workplaces Start will share information and links from some of the top HR posts from around the web. We’ll be selecting several blogs each week to feature in a couple of HR and workplace-related categories. Here are this week’s blogs:

Benefits and Leave

“Ohio FMLA Update” on the Labor Law Center Blog – Provides some great information on what FMLA is, for those who are unaware, as well as some updates on recent changes to the act.


The Recruiting Blogosphere on The ERE Blog Network – This isn’t a specific blog post per say, but it is a great collection of several HR-related blogs (which are a great tool for communication)

Health and Safety

“Some Hope on the Health Insurance Front” on Shifting Careers – An interesting update on proposed legislation to assist small business owners and the self-employed.

Performance Management

“Readers Strongly Reject “No iPods at Work” Rule on HR Daily Advisor – Employees speak out about their right to listen to iPods at work.

Workplace Design

“Redesign Productivity: 50 Ways to Create a Motivational Workspace” on Bootstrapper – Great post with great links that contains everything from decluttering your workspace to improving your environment.

Be sure to check out these informative posts on some of the current issues that are affecting HR professionals. If you’d like your blog to be featured in the future, please let us know!

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