50 Great Workplace Ideas: Week 4

We’re down to the final two weeks of great workplace ideas. Don’t forget, if your organization is located in Northeast Ohio and you believe it’s a great workplace, apply now for the 2008 NorthCoast 99 Award. Here are Week 4’s great workplace ideas:

  1. Pay top talent top pay
  2. Survey top performers on why they came to work for you and why they stay.
  3. Communicate with employees’ significant others about what’s going on at your workplace.
  4. Provide employees with a healthy, safe, clean, and invigorating workplace.
  5. Hire employees that you would trust with your children.
  6. Consider having HR report directly to the CEO.
  7. Share your passion for a great workplace and its benefits with your Board of Trustees.
  8. Annually review your compensation structure for internal equity and external competitiveness.
  9. Have policies for alcohol and drugs, discrimination, harassment, and workplace violence.
  10. Recognize employees who provide “wow” performance.

Don’t forget to check out great workplace ideas 1-29:

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