Spring Cleaning for your HR Department (2 of 3): Employee Engagement


Spring is a great time to take a step back and assess your HR function. Last week we discussed developing and updating your employee handbook. This week we will look at assessing your employee engagement practices.

Why is employee engagement important? Engaged employees tend to stay with their employee longer. Engaged employees demonstrate an increased awareness for their desired results and behaviors. Engaged employees enhance group performance. Engaged employees have insight regarding informal leadership and tend to emerge as informal leaders.

So what can you do do increase employee engagement among your employees?

Build a Rewards & Recognition Program. A sustainable Rewards & Recognition program can take awhile to build, however there are some things you can do to begin recognizing your employees today. First of all, recognize employees through thoughtful and meaningful rewards. Instead of the classic coffee mug with the company logo on it, give them something fitted to their lifestyle. If you know your employee is an avid shopper, get them a gift certificate to their favorite store. Also, start creating a constant culture of recognition. Rather than just recognizing an employee of the month, recognize employees each time they perform above expectations. This will keep your employees highly motivated to constantly perform above their expectations. If you do not have a solid Rewards & Recognition program in place, consider hiring a consultant to analyze your company structure and build a program that works for you!

Keep the Lines of Communication Open. Employees that know all aspects of their business are inherently more engaged. Don’t be afraid to communicate financial information, business strategy, marketing and HR initatives to your employees. Also, let your employees know that their input is welcome. One idea is to set up a monthly forum/meeting where employees can freely discuss issues that affect the company.

Create an Incentive-Based Pay Program. While this option may not fit into some company structures, it can certainly increase engagement in others. According to ERC consultant Amy Petrus, “A structured incentive and performance pay program has shown to consistently motivate high performance from employees.” According to the 2007/2008 EAG National Policies & Benefits Survey, only 18% of organizations nationwide offer a profit-sharing program to their employees and only 31% used a discretionary bonus. However, a survey of 2007 NorthCoast 99 winners (99 great workplaces for top talent) showed that 44% offered a profit-sharing program and 81% used a discretionary bonus.

Take advantage of spring and improve your HR practices today! Keep watching the Where Great Workplaces Start blog for the final post on how to “Spring Clean” your HR Department!

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