50 Great Workplace Ideas: Week 3

For the past two weeks, Where Great Workplaces Start has been posting 10 great workplace ideas a week. If your organization is located in Northeast Ohio and you believe you work for a great workplace or know someone that does, don’t forget to apply for the 2008 NorthCoast 99 Award. Here are Week 3’s ideas:

  1. Use e-mail and fax signatures to promote your great workplace.
  2. Develop and maintain a professional Online Career Center.
  3. Employ at least one intern each year.
  4. Promote your region as a great place to work and live.
  5. Develop a lucrative employee referral program to support your recruitment efforts.
  6. Communicate a written diversity policy/vision to your entire staff.
  7. Over-communicate financial information, business strategy, marketing, and HR initiatives.
  8. Recognize employees for outstanding community service and achievements.
  9. Develop a written organizational compensation philosophy and share it with all employees.
  10. Decide that your organization will only hire and retain top performers.

To view the first two week’s worth of ideas, click these links: Week 1 Ideas; Week 2 Ideas.

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