50 Great Workplace Ideas: Week 2

Last week we announced that we will be posting 10 great workplace ideas on the Where Great Workpalces Start blog each week leading up until the application deadline for this year’s NorthCoast 99 Awards. You can still view the first 10 ideas, and here are the second ten ideas:

  1. Include all employees in training and development.
  2. Update job descriptions annually.
  3. Take a look at your performance management system – is it designed to support top performance?
  4. Make bereavement leave open-ended; paid leave for the loss of any loved one.
  5. Coordinate an employee health fair every year. You might save a life.
  6. Provide access to an Employee Assistance Program (a counseling service for employees and their eligible dependents who may be experiencing personal or workplace problems) for all employees.
  7. Develop and communicate a Disaster Recovery and Response Program.
  8. Provide safety training.
  9. Provide flexible work arrangements for your top performers.
  10. Provide annual, written employee benefit statements to all your employees.

Once again, we invite you to comment with your own great workplace ideas or discuss this topic in the HR Forum.


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