Technical Positions See Largest Salary Increases

According to the results of a recent national compensation survey released by ERC, both software engineers and programmer analysts saw the largest increases in base salary between 2007 and 2008, increasing 6.7% for both positions.


These results compare with average national increases of 3-3.5% or less for other positions included in the survey across professional occupations such as accounting, engineering, information systems, and manufacturing. These above average increases support a growing trend of high demand for certain technical professionals as the Bureau of Labor projects that employment of software engineers will increase by 38% over the next 10 years – one of the largest increases of all professions. Similarly, in just 2007 alone, the demand for programmers rose 7.7% exceeding the supply of labor available. With this increasing demand, competition for technical talent appears to be tight, forcing organizations to offer more lucrative compensation to attract and retain employees in these fields.To purchase the results of the 07-08 EAG National Wage & Salary Survey please contact or visit for more information.

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