What’s most important to the Millennials?

According to a new survey commissioned by Robert Half International and Yahoo! HotJobs, Millennials’ number one career concern for the future is their compensation and benefits. What else is important to the Millenials, a.k.a. Generation Y (21-28 year-olds)? According to the survey:
  1. Salary and healthcare/retirement benefits (33%)
  2. Job Stability (26%)
  3. Career Satisfaction (23%)

So what is your company doing to accomodate and recruit these young professionals? Here are some interesting articles on the Millennials:

Source: Robert Half International and HotJobs!
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4 Responses to What’s most important to the Millennials?

  1. Sheryle Moon says:

    I work for the leading recruitment firm in Australia, and so I have lots of first hand experience with Gen Y/Millenials. This is a generation that is both exciting and frustrating. Frustrating because they flaunt what we think are entrenched behaviours. They resign by SMS and see no reason to serve out a period of notice.

    However they are also the most flexible, multi-skilled and multi-tasking generation ever. They are at ease with technology, diversity, complexity and uncertainty. If Gen X wanted to know what you will do for them next week, Y Generation want to know what you are going to offer them right now. Baby boomers were willing to wait much longer for their organisational rewards. Y Generation, on the other hand, are commitment phobic – they will not be lured by promises of climbing ladders, paying dues and cashing out at retirement.

  2. greatworkplace says:

    Excellent insight, thanks Sheryle! I think it’s important to look at what millenials can do, and try to put together workplace practices that support both this new generation as well as your older workforce.

  3. schults3 says:

    As a Millennial myself, I agree that these factors are important to us. With the high competition in the job market coming out of college, it’s been difficult to find jobs that meets our compensation satisfaction. Another thing that I have found to be important as I am ending my college career is location. This can also factor into compensation and benefits, but the flexibility of working from home, traveling, etc can be crucial.

    Great post!

  4. jgortari says:

    Great stuff! High competition in the job market coming out of college has made it difficult to find jobs that meet our compensation satisfaction for millennials.

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