50 Great Workplace Ideas in 5 Weeks!

The application process for this year’s NorthCoast 99 Awards is in full swing. Last year we had a record number of applicants sharing a number of great workplace ideas. We thought it would be a great idea to share some great workplace ideas – and we’re asking you to share your ideas as well. Each week for the next 5 weeks on the Where Great Workplaces Start blog, we will post 10 Great Workplace ideas.

Here are this weeks 10 Great Workplace Ideas:

  1. Treat interns like all other employees.
  2. Provide job candidates with an employee handbook, performance expectations and a job description.
  3. Develop a succession plan.
  4. Post job openings to all employees.
  5. Make sure your time-to-hire is as short as possible. Top performers don’t wait!
  6. Identify your organization’s top performers and their positive traits.
  7. Be prepared for an employee’s first day.
  8. Hold all managers accountable for retaining your organization’s top performers.
  9. Track turnover of top performers only.
  10. Annually assess your employees’ training needs.

You can post comments on these ideas, post new ideas that your company uses, or discuss this topic with others in the HR Forum.


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3 Responses to 50 Great Workplace Ideas in 5 Weeks!

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  3. A family member referred me to your resource.

    Thnx for the details.

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